Karen Ezelle Redhead remembers her grandmother, Miriam Ezelle

made a cross stitch sampler for my grandmother for Christmas one year that read “Peace in our world, peace in our country, peace in our home, and peace in our hearts.” My grandmother, Miriam Ezelle, dedicated her life to that vision.

I don’t recall having a conversation with her about her views or about the activities in which she was involved. (I was too young to understand the importance of it when it was happening and too short sighted to talk about it with her when I was older.) I do remember, however, a woman very slight in stature whose actions professed the gospel she believed.

I remember her never knowing a stranger at her back door, constantly opening her home for overnight guests whenever a room was needed, having the editors of an underground newspaper in the 60’s over for lunch to “find out what was on their minds”, allowing six grandchildren to spend the night with her all at the same time, having her grandchildren dress up like coffee, tea, and milk to present a program at the W. C. T. U.

My grandmother set a tone of compassion, involvement, and courage that I have only come to truly appreciate as an adult. She was a tireless letter writer to anyone and everyone including the newspaper speaking with conviction about simple things that just made sense like respecting the dignity of every human being and recognizing the problems that drinking can cause.

What a gift in this life to know someone like Miriam Ezelle. What a blessing to be her granddaughter.

Karen Ezelle Redhead