What is Blackboard Grade Center

Hi, my name is Frank and in this video I will give you an orientation of the Full Grade Center.


Find the Grade Center by going to your left menu.

Under Course Management, select Grade Center.

A dropdown will appear and you will see Needs Grading, Full Grade Center, Assignments, and Tests.

In this tutorial we will mainly focus on the Full Grade Center. This full center will include assignments, tests, and will show you what needs to be graded.


Let’s go to the Full Grade Center. Above, you will see buttons with options to manage the gradebook.

Below, you will see the entire gradebook. It will display students’ names, the weighted total, and the simple total. You will also see all the assignment columns. Your gradebook may look slightly different from this depending on how your instructor organizes it.

Notice that each column has a little arrow in the corner. Clicking this arrow will display a dropdown of options that allows you to manage the individual columns.


Those are the basic components of the Full Grade Center. In the other videos that cover the Grade Center topic, I will discuss in more detail how to organize and manage the grade center, how to grade assignments, and how to calculate grades.