How to view originality report and grade paper

Now we’ll go over how to view the originality report, grade our student’s submissions, and synchronize the grades to the Blackboard grading center. On the Left menu under Course Management, we’ll click ‘control panel.’ Then we’ll select ‘Course Tools’ and scroll down to click on ‘Turnitin Assignments’. Then we’ll select the desired Turnitin assignment, and this will bring us to the dropbox.

To check the originality report, we’ll select the similarity report. At the top right of the screen we can see what percentage of the report may have come from outside sources. Under ‘match overview’ we can see the total percentage itemized into smaller units. Notice that the color of the highlighted text matches the color of the items under ‘match overview.’ If we click on a highlighted section, the program will pull up the text in its original context.  

To provide feedback to our students and grade this submission we’ll select ‘grademark’ at the top left of the screen. We can put a comment anywhere on the paper by clicking on the submission and entering text in the box that appears. At the top right we can enter the grade. The program will save our entry automatically. Now we can close the window.  To see the updated dropbox with the new grade in it, we’ll refresh the page.

To ensure that the grade syncs, or transfers over to the blackboard grading center, let’s return to the course tool column and click ‘turnitin assignments.’ Then we’ll select ‘sync grades’ at the top right of the screen. Click ‘ok.’ To check the grade in blackboard, we’ll select ‘grade center’ under ‘control panel.’ Then we’ll click on ‘full grade center.’ Here we can find the assignment and the grade.

In order to delete the assignments that were submitted under this column, it is important that we delete the entire turnitin dropbox. Never delete the grade column as this will create a ghost dropbox that can neither be used nor deleted. To delete the dropbox, let’s return to the ‘content’ section and highlight the arrow next to the dropbox marked for deletion. We’ll select ‘delete’ and the dropbox will disappear.

Thank you for joining us for this tutorial on how to create a Turnitin dropbox and grade the assignments that students turn in to the dropbox.