How to organize and manage grade center

In this video I will show you how to organize and manage the grade center. We will cover how to create grade columns, access grade items, edit column information, and how to show or hide columns.

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How To

* Create grade columns

* Access graded items

* Edit column information

* Show or hide columns

Let’s go to the Full Grade Center.

Find the Grade Center by going to your left menu.

Under Course Management, select Grade Center, then Full Grade Center.

1. Create grade columns (title)

Columns can be created two ways:

a) The first way is by creating a column manually.

In the top menu, select ‘Create Column.’

Enter a name and what type of grade you want displayed.

Assign it a category.

Assign points.

You can attach a rubric.

Input a due date.

Decide if you want it to be calculated in your total and whether or not you want students to see this column.

Press Submit.

b) The second way to create a column is by creating an assignment dropbox or a test.

This will automatically generate a column in your grade center.

2. Access graded items (title)

When students visit your dropbox to submit an assignment or complete a test, the Full Grade Center will display a yellow circle to show that something has been submitted.

Click on the yellow icon to see the details of the submission.

When you see a blue icon, it means that a test is in progress.

3. Edit column information (title)

Once a column has been created, you can edit it by clicking the arrow that belongs to the column. This will give you many options.

When you select Edit Column Information, this will take you to the menu that we were previously on. You can change things such as the grade type or category here.

4. Show or hide columns (title)

Lastly, we will cover how to show or hide columns.

a) Student View

You can hide columns from students by selecting the column dropdown, and going to Edit Column Information. An easier way is just to select Hide from Students (on/off). You can tell something is hidden from students when this pinkish mark appears next to the column name.

To recover the view, simply re-do the steps. When the pink mark is gone, you know it’s visible to students.

b) Instructor View

Similarly, you can hide the column from your own view by selecting Hide from Instructor View. Notice how the column has completely disappeared from the grade center?

You can recover it by going to Manage, then select Column Organization. This will show you all the visible and hidden columns. Find your hidden column and select Show/Hide. Press Submit.

Now it’s visible in your grade center.