How to navigate a Blackboard Course

When you log into a Blackboard course, you are going to see your name and a power button at the right up corner. Click the power button, you will logout of Blackboard. Below that it is a group of global tabs. Some function buttons appear below: Student Preview, Themes and Edit Mode.The upper left side is course menu, you will see some menu editing buttons that we are going to discuss their detailed usage in another tutorial. A course title and home button. Below is the course menu, which is set up by instructor to provide students access to content areas or tools. Directly under the course menu is Course Management that is only visible to instructors. Instructors access course tools, grade center, groups, etc., in this area.

The major component in a course page is course content area serving as containers of course materials. It has an action bar at the top where instructor points to for adding content. Course content, such as files, video, and exams, display in the area below the action bar.