How to create an assignment drop box

My name is Frank Newman and in this tutorial we will learn how to create an assignment in blackboard.

They can compose the paper online or upload a file from a local computer. Students can submit papers to a Blackboard Assignment dropbox. Writing their paper directly online is not recommended because students’ work can be interrupted or even lost due to technology failure such as a disconnected Internet connection.

To create an Assignment in a content area, point to the Assessments tab and then click Assignment. You will see the Create Assignment page, type its name and instructions. If you need to provide more information, you can attach a file. Optionally set up a due date. In the Grading section, type the maximum points possible. You can also associate a rubric if you have one. Expand grading settings and below you will see more assignment options (pause give time for Fang to show options): this includins submission details, number of attempts, grading options, and the grade display in full grade center. In availability session, make the assignment available immediately or at a specified time. Finally click Submit to finish the setup.

When a new assignment is created, an associated column is also generated by Blackboard in full grade center.

Thank you for watching the tutorial