How to create a Turnitin Dropbox in Blackboard

Turnitin is a program that allows instructors to compare their students work with other submissions online in order to determine whether the student’s work is original, or whether it is plagiarized.  In this tutorial we’ll talk about how to create a Turnitin dropbox and how to grade the assignments that students turn in to the dropbox.

To Create a Turnitin dropbox, start at the Content Page. Highlight ‘assessments’ and then scroll down to Select ‘Turnitin Assignment.’ Mark ‘paper assignment.’ Then click on ‘next step’ so that we can set the parameters for our new assignment. Each parameter has a blue question mark icon that you can highlight if you’d like to learn more about the items that we do not cover in this tutorial.

Let’s start by entering the title of the assignment here. Then we’ll enter the ‘point value’ for the assignment. The start date is the day that the assignment will be available for students. You can select the date using the calendar icon and you can also set the time that the assignment appears. Let’s set the start date and time. The due date indicates when students are expected to have their assignments turned in. Now we’ll set the due date and time. The post date indicates when students will be able to see their grade and instructor feedback. Let’s set the post date and time.

Let’s go into optional settings by clicking the plus sign. We can enter any special instructions here in the first box. Here we can select whether we wish to allow our students to submit their papers after the due date. The next item concerns the originality report. The originality report will indicate what percentage of the student submission may have come from other outside sources, such as online journals, publications, or other student submissions both in and outside of our class. This is the primary function of Turnitin, so we’ll want to ensure that ‘yes’ is selected.

The next item features a drop down box where we can select when the originality report will appear; either immediately upon submission with no option to resubmit assignments; immediately with the option for students to resubmit assignments; and whether the originality report will run on the due date. This last feature will check each assignments against the other assignments in the class.

Next we’ll skip down to the item which gives students the option to see the originality reports. Now we can click ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page. Then we’ll click ‘ok.’ And now we can see the new assignment dropbox appear in the content section. When students select ‘view/complete’ this is what they’ll see. Once they upload a submission, the program will generate a receipt and send it to their UH email address.