How to create a test

Hello My name is Frank Newman. Welcome to this tutorial on Getting Started with Building a Test.

Blackboard has two steps for test building: (1) to create a test and add test questions; (2) to make a test available for students in content area, also called “to deploy a test”. I will cover step 1 In this tutorial.

To create a test, on the Control Panel, under Course Tools, click Test, Surveys and Pools. On the next page, click Tests to enter Test page. You can create new test or edit existing tests in the page. Click the Build Test button, then enter a Name on the Test Information page. You can also add Description and Instruction, which will appear to students before they start the test. After you click Submit, you will see a Test Canvas page, where you can add test questions.

Blackboard test provides different formats to examine various level of understanding. You can use True and False to examine objective questions, or essay to collect subjective answers. Click the Create Question tab and select an appropriate question type. Some formats are named similarly but they have substantial differences. For example, Multiple Answers allow more than one correct answers but Multiple Choice only have one correct answer.

I will create a multiple choice question. On the Create/Edit Multiple Choice Question page, type the question. Set up options such as numbering display and number of answers. Type the answer in each box and check the correct answer option. Only one correct answer can be selected. Optionally type feedback for correct or incorrect answers. Click Submit to add the question to the test.

If you need to change points for the question, click the number, type in a score, and then click Submit.

Click the Create Question tab to continue to add more questions. If you are ready to exit test building, click OK button. Go back to continue building by clicking the Contextual Menu and selecting Edit option.

Thank you for watching the tutorial

(note: question: who was the president of United States during 2009 – 2012: (A) Clinton (B) Bush (C) Trump (D) Obama (E) Kennedy)