How to create a discussion forum

Click the Discussion Board link, and then the Create Forum button. In the forum edit page, give a forum name. In the textbox below, you can add a description such as purpose of the discussion forum, due date, instructions on how to create a thread and reply to others’ posts, etc.

Under Forum Availability, check Yes or No to control whether the forum is accessible to students. And enter dates if you want them to access it only in a special time window. Under Forum Settings, you can select to grade this forum, or a thread. If you select to grade a thread, students won’t be able to create their own thread. A recommended practice is to enable grading only on Forums for a better grade view, and also to give students more flexibility creating their own threads. You can change other settings to customize your discussion management.

Finally click the Submit button and then you will see a new forum created. Anytime if you need to make changes, hover your mouse over the discussion forum’s title, click Contextual Menu, which appears as an arrow button, and then select Edit. Remember to click Submit button when you finish editing.