How to check out what student see in your course

It is important to know what your students experience in a course to ensure a good design. You have three ways to do it.

First you can toggle Edit Mode, which is located in the top right corner. When it is off, it shows the student’s view.

A second method is to click Student Preview button. With student preview, you can get a student account and do the following student activities:

* Submit assignments

* Take tests

* Create blog and discussion posts

* Create journal and wiki entries

* View student tools, such as My Grades

Student preview is different from using Edit Mode. While Edit Mode hides your edit controls and adaptive release content, Student Preview allows you to experience your course as your students will. For example, in Student Preview you can test your user, group, grade, and review status adaptive release criteria to make sure it releases content when you want it to.

A third method is to add a test student account which is very similar to Student Preview. Under Course Tools, select Add Test Student, click Enroll Test Student button. Your test student account will be courgarnet ID plus _s. You can reset your password. This password is different from your CougarNet ID and can be changed anytime. Then logout from instructor account. Login again with your test student account and test any student activity.