How to add a menu item

To add a menu item, hover over the plus sign, in the drop down menu, select Tool link, type email in the name box, and then select Email in the dropdown menu for Type. You can see two communication tools: Emails and Messages. Emails will send email to users’ personal email and Blackboard does not keep a record, while message will be saved in Blackboard and users have to login to Blackboard to check and send messages. Click available to Users then select Submit. You can add more menu items to repeat this process.

To edit an existing menu item, click the rights side menu item options button, you can rename, hide or show, and delete an item.

To recorder a menu item, click the Reorder button, select an item and then click arrow buttons to move it to a new position, then click Submit button. If an item links to empty content area or hidden, students won’t be able to see it. You will also see indicators for empty or hidden links.